Thursday, 12 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Identify the different"types" of content in the magazine i.e health
The" types" of content in a lifestyle magazine is mainly the same for a male and a female magazine because in both magazines they talk and show about health and fitness pages,latest news and fashion.I n one of the magazines it says about health (mind over matter) "tune in your body and start losing weight-without even noticing"In a part of the magazine it says about fashion (personal stylist:party shoes) "The fanciest footwear for twinkle toes". Another is a story about gossip(If its stylish enough for kate moss...)"Designer accessories meet ethical trade, and the results are supermodel-gorgeous". Lastly another part about fashion is (What you'll be wearing next summer)The forecast for summer 2008 is hot, hot, hot...on the fashion front at least. "Here's your sneak peek at the key trends"

Discuss the layout of the page, from your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?
The layout on most magazines for men and women are basically always the same because they usually have images and pictures of females and men and also there is usually writing about their life, fashion, gossip or health. The writing and pictures are always layed out like a news paper with the pictures at the top and the writing in columns below. Also it could be layed out with the writing in small paragraphs  scattered of the pages and the images/pictures are always above them. Magazines are mainly aimed on women because they want to always look good with their health and fashion also they would like to talk about their life and their latest news about them.

How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine
People would hope to benefit from buying this magazine because in the magazine it talks about gossip,fashion and health,people would like to get this information because they would like to know how to get fit, also they would like to see what new clothes in the magazine and to know how to get fashionable. The images in the magazine show that they are wearing fashionable clothes and where they are wearing them to.

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