Thursday, 12 December 2013

GCSE MEDIA Controlled Assessment Essay 2012

The two videos that i will be presenting is Jessie J'Do it like a Dude and Robin Thicke'Blurred Lines. Also Blurred Lines shows women in a negative stereotypical way.The men and women are represented in the music video do it like a dude because the women are fighting and smoking cigarettes also in one point in the video they look like they are doing drugs and playing poker. Also in the music video the women are doing very masculine dances showing the men the can do all of these things too.This is the opposite of the stereotype (because men usually smoke cigarettes).

In Jessie J'Do it like a Dude the mise-en-scene shows that at the beginning of the video Jessie J has a close up on her face and she has dark lipstick with spikes on them showing that they are not very inviting. Also the setting in is a room with men and women every where.In Robin Thicke'Blurred Lines,the setting looks like it is in a white room with women dancing around the men.

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