Thursday, 12 December 2013

GCSE MEDIA Controlled Assessment Essay 2012

The two videos that i will be presenting is Jessie J'Do it like a Dude and Robin Thicke'Blurred Lines. Also Blurred Lines shows women in a negative stereotypical way.The men and women are represented in the music video do it like a dude because the women are fighting and smoking cigarettes also in one point in the video they look like they are doing drugs and playing poker. Also in the music video the women are doing very masculine dances showing the men the can do all of these things too.This is the opposite of the stereotype (because men usually smoke cigarettes).

In Jessie J'Do it like a Dude the mise-en-scene shows that at the beginning of the video Jessie J has a close up on her face and she has dark lipstick with spikes on them showing that they are not very inviting. Also the setting in is a room with men and women every where.In Robin Thicke'Blurred Lines,the setting looks like it is in a white room with women dancing around the men.

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Identify the different"types" of content in the magazine i.e health
The" types" of content in a lifestyle magazine is mainly the same for a male and a female magazine because in both magazines they talk and show about health and fitness pages,latest news and fashion.I n one of the magazines it says about health (mind over matter) "tune in your body and start losing weight-without even noticing"In a part of the magazine it says about fashion (personal stylist:party shoes) "The fanciest footwear for twinkle toes". Another is a story about gossip(If its stylish enough for kate moss...)"Designer accessories meet ethical trade, and the results are supermodel-gorgeous". Lastly another part about fashion is (What you'll be wearing next summer)The forecast for summer 2008 is hot, hot, hot...on the fashion front at least. "Here's your sneak peek at the key trends"

Discuss the layout of the page, from your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?
The layout on most magazines for men and women are basically always the same because they usually have images and pictures of females and men and also there is usually writing about their life, fashion, gossip or health. The writing and pictures are always layed out like a news paper with the pictures at the top and the writing in columns below. Also it could be layed out with the writing in small paragraphs  scattered of the pages and the images/pictures are always above them. Magazines are mainly aimed on women because they want to always look good with their health and fashion also they would like to talk about their life and their latest news about them.

How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine
People would hope to benefit from buying this magazine because in the magazine it talks about gossip,fashion and health,people would like to get this information because they would like to know how to get fit, also they would like to see what new clothes in the magazine and to know how to get fashionable. The images in the magazine show that they are wearing fashionable clothes and where they are wearing them to.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

10 Album Covers

I have chosen 50 Cent"Get Rich or Die Tryin" as this album cover because it shows he has got money because he is wearing a long and big shiny chain with a cross on it and he has what it looks like a very expensive watch. Also on the album cover  at the front it has glass that has been smashed that could suggest that he has done crime and bad things in his life also he has got Tattos.

I have chosen Jessie J as this album cover because it shows that she is wealthy because she is wearing a gold chain round her neck,that could suggest she has got money and gold is a very nice colour which could show about the awards.The clothing that she is wearing is dark such as her hair, nail varnish, lipstick and also her top.

I have chosen Wiz khalifa as this album cover because it shows that he has got money and he is wealthy.He is wearing a big black and white coat with a silver chain around his neck and rings on his fingers.The background and the setting looks like he is in a room and the colour is a greyish/blue.The chain that he is wearing and the rings look expensive and the chair that he is sitting in looks and maybe suggests that he is rich and he is the main guy.

I have chosen Justin Timberlake as this album cover because it shows a lot of things such as the machinery around his face, that could show that he can see in to the future. Also he is wearing a bow tie and a tuxedo that may suggest that he is ready for the awards and the writing JT THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE is in gold and also a bright  which shows that he is wealthy.

I have chosen Tinie Tempah Disc-overy as this album cover because it is very creative and shows a lot, such as he is wearing a watch, glasses, earing and a silver chain around his wrist that says that he is wealthy.His arms are surrounding what it looks like a city that shows that he is holding the city in his arms and he is the main guy of the city.

 I have chosen Jason Derulo as this album cover because the background is gold which shows he has got money and maybe the awards in the future.Also on the drawing of him on the front he has earrings on, which could show that he is wealthy.

I have chosen Chris Brown F.A.M.E as this album cover because it shows that the writing says FAME, and there is people around him in the background so he can see the future and he is going to be famous.he looks wealthy because he is wearing hats and earrings in the background and on the main picture of Chris Brown.

I have chosen Mike Posner 31 minutes to take off as this album cover because it shows that he is also wealthy because the title of the album cover is in gold which is a rich colour also underneath it says 31 minutes to take off that means that he is on a private plane getting ready to take off and he is wearing a watch on his left hand.

I have chosen Lady Gaga as this album cover because she is wearing dark black glasses and in the corner of them it says fame,also i think this is the song called paparazzi that means she wants a lot of paparazzi and to be famous. In the left side of her glasses she has what it looks like silver shiny flakes.

Lastly I have chosen Christina Aguilera as this album cover because it shows on the right hand side of her face it looks like she is a robot and she can maybe see into the future. She is also wearing red lipstick and  has white hair which basically camouflages into the background and she looks very wealthy.