Monday, 10 March 2014


1. What two conventions have I used and why?
-The two conventions that i have used are model/celeb on my magazine cover and direct mode of address.I have used a celebrity on my magazine which is Rita Ora because she is a young successful music artist and the target audience is teenagers because they look up to celebrities.The direct mode of address that i have used is (great new looks for you) this coverline attracts the reader because it is speaking straight to you.

2.What are the effects of my layout,Typography,colour choice and language choice?
-The effects of my layout is that the coverlines on each side of my magazine cover is about the same amount of writing and it is Symetrical. Some of the coverline that I wrote were(you will be glamourable in a flash)this is talking straight to the reader.I have made the title bold so it stands out for customers that look at it from a distance and I have put the title in nice style so it attracts people.

3.What issues of representation have I presented
I have presented Rita Ora as the celebrity on the front cover because teenage girls could look up to her,she is wearing fashionnable clothes so that shows that she could know fashion tips for young girls,also the coverlines that I have written might not be suitable and customers might not like that and put them off of the magazine and they might not buy it.