Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This magazine is symetrical because the shape of the writing on the left and on the right is about the same width. The writing is in white so it stands out to the dark red background. Also the colour on both sides are balanced.
This magazine is asymmetrical by shape because Oprah's hair is really eye catching because her hair is covering lots of the page so that is the first thing you would look at. Also she is wearing orange and it goes with the title, and the writing is in coloum form.

This magazine is Asymmetrical because the colour is balanced on the right and on the left because on some parts it is all pink and all black. Also the the headline of this magazine is all blue so it stands out. The position of the celebrity and the writing is very symmetrical because Kim Kardashian has her arms out to the side.The eye direction of Kim Kardashian is looking straight at trying to tell you to read the magazine.The value of this magazine is very positive because it tells you how to look good and how to loose pounds.

This magazine is asymmetrical because the colour is balanced very well on each side.the texture balance is very good because the detail in the writing is very easy to read and affective.The shape of the writing is in a coloumn form mostly down the right hand side of the magazine.
This magazine is symmetrical, because the colours are all black and white and they blend in with the background. Also  Cheryl Cole's eye direction is looking straight at the reader.


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

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