Wednesday, 2 October 2013

50 Cent-Hip Hop
Candy shop

I disagree with this statement because hip hop music doesn't mean that you have to be manly, have to have all the girls and be strong and tough.50 Cent-candy shop was the song that was chosen,and in the song he acts like he owns everything and shows that he has all the girls.At the beginning of the video he turns up,and goes through the big metal gates with his nice and very expensive car to show that he has got money. When he walks through the doors there are women at the bottom of the stairs,on the stairs and in every room.This also suggests that rappers and Hip Hop singers, denotations show that the men are wearing big coats and jewelry to show off to the women and the women's denotations shows that they are wearing short clothes and jewelry as well.Another song was by the pussycat dolls (I wanna be famous) in this song they were dancing very sexual and have very short clothes on.Also in a part of the video the pussy cat dolls done a dance routine
The connotation of the rapper is that the clothes that he is wearing suggests that if you had nevery seen him before you would think that that he would be a rapper with his big puffer coats and bling.In the videos when the rappers sing there hand gestures make them look tough and you dont know how they act ouside of the videos they might be soft and not act anything like this.Aparently aswell if you dont live up to these idols,you will be called wimp,soft and weak.The atmosphere in the video candy shop shows that it is fast moving from different room and outside it is a big mansion and 50 cents expensive red car.
Also talking about the clothes in the video, 50 Cent takes off his big coat and goes into a room with a white vest on to show his masculinity and to show off to the women. the women in a part of the video have got a short red jacket,red hat and red jeans.

The summary of the video is that 50 cent is acting tough and dominating the men and women.Also his gestures and the ay he is walking makes him look like he owns the whole house.


  1. Good response, what would really push your answer forward would be a range of examples from the videos.


    1. To make my answer more better and to push it forward i will add more of a range of examples from videos