Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Iron Maiden
Connotation -The connotation looks evil and the font of the title makes it look scary.
Denotation-A devil with a pitch fork, fire, smoke in the background and a with emerging witch

Born in the USA
Connotation-The connotation is that his stance maybe shows that he is a cowboy and with the red hat
Denotation-The denotation is that there is a man wearing jeans, white t-shirt and a red hat in his pocket with a stripy background

Is this it
Connotation-The connotation shows that this is a sexual album cover
Denotation-The denotation shows that there is a women with a black leather glove showing her backside 

Queen II
Connotation-The connotation shows that there is a black ground which shows that they are hiding themselves  
Denotation-The denotation shows that these four men are rock singers and they is a black background

Unknown Pleasures
Connotation-The connotation shows that 
Denotation-  The denotation shows that here is long bits of string that are making mountains and there is a black background.

Wish you were here 
Connotation-The connotation shows that it looks like a hollywood town.

Denotation-The denotation of this shows that there is two people shaking hands and one person is on fire

Who's next
Connotation-The connotation shows that they look like they are waiting for something to happen.
Denotation- The denotation shows that there is three men and a women standing next to a big stone block.

Nite Visions

Nite visions
Connotation-The connotation for this cover is that it will probably be no rock music and probably just like pop music.
Denotation- the denotation for this cover is that it is pink and the writing you can hardly see because it is pink.

Parallel LinesParallel lines
Connotation-The connotation shows that this album cover looks funky.
Denotation-The denotation shows that there are five men wearing suits and a women wearing a dress with a stripy background and with a red title

Connotation-The connotation shows that the male is hiding himself into the black background, so it is only showing his face.
Denotation-The denotation shows that there is a black male with a black ground

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  1. In general Olly, you haven't really mentioned the connotations. check the blogs example to help you. Think about what it says about the artist. Also, Denotation comes before Connotation.

    Please re do this work for wednesday